Selling a home is a big undertaking and it can be the source of a lot of stress, which is exactly what I want you to avoid. My job as your real estate agent is to talk with you about your goals, the end result of profit and how quickly you need to sell. Understanding the market is the first step to selling but there are several others as well. Here’s a checklist of steps and things to do when selling your home.sellers

#1. Talk with a real estate agent

Before doing one thing, call me and let’s sit down and discuss your reason for selling, what you think your home is worth and talk about any concerns you might have.

#2. Discuss the price As-Is and What it Could Be.

Selling a house as-is could bring a different price than one that is fixed up and staged. Which you prefer is up to you, your budget, and how much time you can spend on getting the house in tip-top shape.

Typically, we can sell homes exactly as is, but if you want more from the sale of your home, there are usually some things you can do such as fixup minor repairs, update things, and do a general cleaning. But again, will discuss all of that during a listing consultation.

#3. Talk about comparable properties in the area.

Not only do I look at what has sold in the last couple of months for your neighborhood, but I look at what’s currently on the market and what might be pending as well. A pending sale is one that has an accepted offer but is not completely closed. Although we cannot know what the sold price will be before it closes, we can get a good idea of how long it took to go under contract.

#4. Discuss updates, upgrades, cleaning, and staging.

Like I mentioned before, if you want to sell a home as is, you’re likely to get less then if you had done some upgrades, repairs, replacements, and staging. Staging alone tends to increase profit by 2% to 5%.

I will recommend a general cleaning schedule and offer tips and suggestions on staging your home and presenting it for buyers.

#5. You are the ultimate decision-maker on price.

I can offer all types of suggestions and recommendations on the price but it is ultimately your decision. Once we set a price, we will list the property and I will advertise it to potential buyers and buyers agents. Any and all offers that come in will be presented to you. Again, you are the ultimate decision-maker on which offer to choose. You can counter the offer, reject the offer, or accept it as is.

#6. Let’s talk inspection report.

Most buyers will conduct their own professional home inspection on your property. This is usually a nailbiting time, but it might not be as bad as you expect. We can negotiate on the inspection report as well and decide how much you really want to fix, repair, or replace. The negotiation goes back and forth until an agreement is made.

#7. Complete any inspection tasks and finalize the sale.

Between mutual agreement on the inspection report and closing, is your time to complete any necessary tasks, pack up your home, and prepare to move. Escrow or title will call you in for a final signing before the buyer signs. If for any reason you back out at this stage, you may be subject to a lawsuit. I don’t say that to frighten you, but it is something to consider. Going all the way back through the marketing and listing procedure at this point is not only time-consuming for both buyer and seller but exhausting. This is why asking questions all along the way and understanding the process is essential to an easy and stress-free closing.

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