“Wow, everybody’s so positive and friendly and optimistic.”

Dell CEO, Michael Dell

The US Census Bureau reports that Texas is the most popular destination for people moving from California. Texas is a popular destination for other states as well, ranking 2nd in the U-haul annual report for migration, a 9% increase over 2019.

If you already live here, that’s no surprise. When you call the Lone Star state home, you get a business-friendly environment, no state income tax, GREAT barbeque, and much more!

We are the hub for important industries: tech, energy, and oil. In fact, Houston is often referred to as the “Energy Capital of the World.” We are also attractive to the healthcare and retail industries.

Are we growing? Yes! Bankrate recently noted that over the next decade, Houston expects 1.2 million new residents.

There is a mix of living styles to choose from. Consider our Houston area. You can go from a thriving downtown area to the suburbs and agriculture and ranching areas within a short drive. We have top school choices, culture, entertainment, sports, and everything in between.

Then, there is work. Not only are we gaining desirable businesses like Hewlett Packard, as they leave less business-friendly states (like California), but many families are now able to enjoy a hybrid work style. This opens up housing opportunities across the nation because of the ability to work from home full-time or part-time.

Commuting times are shorter when your walk to work is, literally, from one room in your house to another! We see an increased desire to find a home that has space for learning and working. Because Texas “goes big” with just about everything…we have a house for that!

And, going big is at a price that makes many buyers giddy with excitement. Add in historically low interest rates, and many people are finding they have more buying power, the ability to lock-in a long-term payment, and hedge against inflation.

Let’s plan your 2021 move.